As exciting as sports can be, there are a number of issues that put pressure on stadium owners and operators on a daily basis. Vandalism, disregard for property and crowd safety is just the tip of the iceberg. Stadium seats are not spared from that abuse, therefore they should be designed to be strong, durable, safe and comfortable.

Our stadium seating solutions stand above the rest. Not only strong and durable, our seating for open-air stadiums is treated using a high quality UV process that enables them to ‘weather any environment’. Each of our stadium seats performs to the levels set by arena designers and builders, not only in look and design but also easy to install and maintain. It is our engineering excellence that really makes our stadium seating different from the rest, from general seating to plush VIP solutions


The ARC family was designed to cover an entire spectrum of seating solutions from the blow moulded polypropylene options to the plush fully upholstered solutions this family utilises a common structure.


A series of eye catching stadium seats designed to the highest standards, the FCB family range comprises a shell seat, tip-up seat and four upholstered VIP seats. High quality tip-up seat, designed according to fundamental criteria of ergonomic comfort suitable as stadium seats, auditorium seats or lecture theatre seats.


Easy to install and manufactured from high strength plastics, the FSS range comprises of a family of evergreen models of stadium seating.